Thank You Micah House

My children attend Micah House, Oxford. From the time I moved here, the staff at Micah House have been very kind to me. They were forever in my corner because my brother was murdered and I had little or no aide. With no transportation, and no babysitter, they made room for all three of my girls without a second thought.

I was concerned for Mrs. Myra (Program Coordinator at Oxford) in the beginning because we had suffered the tragic loss of a young neighbor who was murdered. Oxford Street was a little bit in an uproar and the children were not so accepting of new people. I went over and introduced myself and I liked Mrs. Myra and I appreciated her kindness and the way she rules with an iron fist. I made it my business to talk to some of the parents as well as the children for their behavior and made it clear that they needed to give Mrs. Myra a chance.

Not only has Mrs. Myra come in and made some beautiful changes to Micah House on the inside, she has made some beautiful changes in my children, especially to my youngest daughter, Suh’ Myah. Myah, as we affectionately call her, was very sullen and very shy. EVERYTHING seemed to be a tear jerker for her. She really didn’t have many friends and she was struggling in school because of it. For about the first month, all she talked about was Mrs. Myra. I began to notice not only was my child more sociable, she also became more helpful and she was ALWAYS excited when it was time to go see Mrs. Myra.

The time had come for Suh’ Myah to graduate and I honestly was frightened because I thought she was going to be held back. When I opened her report card I was brought to tears because all of her grades had improved tremendously; all A’s and B’s maybe one C and her citizenship was excellent. I owe it all to Mrs. Myra and her staff because it is almost like having a new child. She has several awards including perfect attendance and I am forever grateful for Micah House. Thank you so much.

~ Daniele’ Brown, Parent of a Micah House Kid

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