Impacting Everyone

One of the most impacting aspects of being a volunteer at Micah House is meeting those who have committed years of their time to watching over our young people as they progress and grow. Some of the children from Micah House Chapel have been attending for many years. This is a story of the Soto family who has been with us for six years. Their three beautiful girls are named Sara (14), Daisy (12), and Nancy (10). Their presence is always sure to brighten the day of anyone near them.

The girls speak Spanish at home, so they often serve as makeshift interpreters for us at Micah House. They are very responsible and considerate, and we believe that these traits are the result of great parenting. Recently, during a very touching and enthusiastic phone call with Mrs. Soto, she revealed that she feels much love and gratitude for the presence of Micah House in the lives of her girls. She explained that Micah House is an extension of herself, because her ideals are upheld as a result of our Christian atmosphere. “A+ job!” she exclaims happily. “I am so thankful that Micah House has both reading and praise.” She told me that, as a mother, it is very important to teach her children how to know and love God. And Micah House is very proactive in teaching that as well.

I could feel my heart swell with delight when I heard about her love for our program. I smile inwardly every time I think about Mrs. Soto describing the different things her girls come home and say. I found it particularly amusing that Nancy, the youngest, suggested that her mother plant a garden because she had so much fun planting the new garden at Micah House. We do not always know what goes on in the lives of our children when they are off-site, but to hear the impact we have on their lives, no matter how small, is a true blessing!

~ Chelsea Mackie, TechMission Corps Member

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