Endless Possibilites

In a world of video games, cell phones, TV, sports, Wii, and parents that are learning to speak English, the majority of kids today would rather do anything but read. The literacy program at Micah house has brought in such a wonderful awareness of how fun reading can be. Over the past two years, I have been privileged to work with 4 students each week. At first, most of the students did not like reading. Some days were frustrating and tedious for both the students and myself. At the end of a 30-minute period we would reward ourselves with a small piece of candy. The literacy specialist Hannah taught me how to use many of the wonderful resources that were available to keep them going, making learning to read more enjoyable.

What a joy to see progress as student’s reading levels came up. More delightful is to hear the students who would never stop at a period, running words together and not making any sense of a sentence now stopping at periods, reading with expression, voice inflections of the different characters…in other words, they are comprehending what they are reading and being engaged in the story!

Once a student can sound words out they can read out loud making few mistakes. However, comprehension has been the biggest challenge. Comprehension has been my focus with one of my small reading groups. We discuss what words mean. Pictures can say a thousand words, but a word can describe a whole picture. Each time I meet with the students I always tell them, “If you can read, you can learn anything.” These kids are not going to be left behind or pushed through the system if they’re not able to read. With help students are getting at Micah House, God has given them hope for their futures. Micah House is a family. I am so grateful to be a part of this family and to see the Lord at work there. God has so richly blessed us. We are experiencing the overflow of His love changing the lives of children, volunteers, students, and staff.

~ Sandy Adrian, Micah House Volunteer

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