Changing Reality

The Reality Changers program at Micah House is designed to foster interest in higher education and encourage students to pursue long term occupations and careers. It started this past year and has seen very positive experiences, either through our regular guest speakers or field trips.

One of our favorite field trips took place at the Loma Linda Simulation Center. The Medical Simulation Center (MSC) is a state-of-the-art virtual hospital located on the 4th floor of the complex and can simultaneously accommodate 16 simulations. Each of the center’s training areas is designed to reflect the realities encountered in actual care settings, and is fully functional.

Our host, Dr. Kent Denmark, guided us through the Simulation Center, stopping in each room to observe and participate in the interactive medical simulations. One room was designed to simulate a disaster and students were quickly given the task to “rescue patients” trapped underneath rubble and transfer them to an ambulance waiting nearby. From there our patient was examined in another room with students frantically administering first aid and prepping available medical equipment. Then the students were tasked with examining a patient in a dentist’s office, delivering a newborn baby and several other task jobs within the medical profession.
After the tour, the students enjoyed pizza and a debrief back at the Micah House. The many different professions witnessed at MSC were discussed. Students researched the educational requirement of each job, the average salary, and the requirements needed in order to become a nurse, paramedic, or even a brain surgeon. Several Micah House students had already considered studying to be pediatricians while other students were a little “weirded out” by the life-like dummies used.

The trip was a great success. The students were able to gain exciting first-hand knowledge about many different professions, whether it was a paramedic who is first to the scene of an emergency to the pediatrician who follows a child’s health through their teenage years. The students were given a view of the wide variety of the possibilities available to them after high school.

~ Austin Fisher, TechMission Corps Member

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