Pure Desire

November 15, 2010

By the time you read this, Gary’s new book, Pure Desire: Moral Sanity in a Sex-Saturated Culture will be on the shelves. This is the book based on the series of the same name we went through as a church in 2008.

So how DO we live the Christian life in today’s relativistic, sex-saturated, self-gratifying culture where moral values are constantly under attack and where sin distorts all that God designed? Gary addresses this dilemma by providing a practical understanding of God’s original purpose for His good gift of human sexuality. Pure Desire anchors moral conviction in specific passages of Scripture and offers wise counsel on how to face the challenges of culture by applying the standards of God’s revelation.

Please pray with us that this book will make a difference as people are encouraged to not only avoid sexual sin, but to pursue holiness as well.
Gary Inrig

You can purchase Gary’s book Sundays at the Women’s Kiosk, or at your favorite online book store.

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